24 May 2014

Northbound to Canada (for the weekend)

Biked to the ferry terminal today after class. I am riding the Victoria Clipper 2.5 hours north from Seattle to Victoria, BC for the Swiftsure Regatta. The ferry ride itself is super fun because it is so ridicuously fast, cruising along at 30 knots the whole way.  
I took a picture from the stern, where you can really get a feel for the boat's power.
Martin and Linda on invited me to help the crew their f-31R trimaran named Moxie in a "casual fast" effort.

The race is about 100 miles, basically from Victoria straight out to the exit of the strait of Juan De Fucca then back. There was a festive atmosphere with many of the race boats rafted up in the marina in the heart of downtown. 

22 May 2014

University of Washington Physics Education Group Thursday Night Teachers Meeting

A group of 12 or so local teachers meet upstairs in one of the PEG classrooms every week to talk story and swap ideas. 
Lots of good conversation: National Board Certification, curriculum challenges, working with administration...teacher stuff. 
Everyone picks one week to bring food. It is my turn tonight. Made 2 big batches of chili. 1 veg and 1 beef. Plus brought all the trimmings including rice, cheese sour cream, cilantro, lime wedges, corn chips, green salad mix, and a couple boxes of petit ecolier cookies. Donna made cornbread and drinks so it is a team effort.